Please take a lightly wetted cotton wool pad and apply a little of the product on it and completely remove your eye make-up. Then, with moistened hands, spread a small amount of the product on your face and massage it in gently. Wash off with plenty of water! It is not necessary to treat your face with an additional facial toner. Your skin is perfectly prepared for the following care.

On the already cleansed face, type one drop of the highly concentrated serum. It can be easily spread everywhere. Please use this product in the evening as your skin regenerates best during the night.

Apply the scrub to the damp or dry skin of the face, massage the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) in particular with your fingertips and rinse thoroughly.
As a rule, all skin can tolerate peeling. Depending on your skin type, you can individually adjust the frequency of use for a facial peeling.
Note: A peeling application makes the skin more sensitive to the sun for a short time. Therefore, it is best to use a peeling in the evening so that the skin can regenerate itself overnight.

Thoroughly clean hands and face before applying the mask. A gentle peeling is the best preparation for maintenance measures. It removes deposits such as horn flakes, dirt, sweat and make-up residues from the skin.
Spread the mask evenly and apply cream from the center of the face outwards. Avoid the eye area and leave the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the mask with facial tissues, a warm towel or a sponge and then apply the care cream.

Spread a small amount around the eye area and gently pat in the cream. This cream is also highly recommended for the small unsightly wrinkles around the upper lip.

This moisturizing care for skin that is less in need of regeneration is recommended as a day and night cream. It should be used in small quantities due to its yield.

These products belong to the anti-ageing program and are highly recommended for skin in need of regeneration. Apply a small amount in the morning and evening to already cleansed skin and massage in gently. These products are also very economical and should therefore be used sparingly. One 50 ml jar usually lasts up to 7 weeks.

Apply a small amount to the perfectly cleansed skin and massage it in gently, avoiding the eyes area for the best results, apply twice a day in the morning and in the evening.

Depending on your needs, knead a small amount into your whiskers with your fingertips, it is not necessary to use the product daily.