“I’ve been working with FIVENA products for two weeks. I am thrilled! The smell and the consistency are a dream. Super well tolerated, even with very sensitive skin. What is important for me is that everything is vegetable, vegan and above all not tested on animals. TOP!”
Silvia Warda (43)
Silvia Warda Kosmetikstudio, Neuburg Donau-Brück

FIVENA COSMETICS and TUELLE AUTENTIC COSMETICS, a partnership of love for nature! We work together to offer you the best of nature for the beauty of your skin. Tuelle Autentic Cosmetics products are handcrafted complex blends of powerful natural elements that provide beneficial care for your skin.
Tuelle Cosmetics

“This product uniquely combines efficiency and simplicity – the most user-friendly product I’ve ever worked with.”
Barbara Grajewski (40)
VIP Beauty Studio Ingolstadt