I have a skin problem – acne, to be precise. I have already tried several products that were more harmful to my skin. FIVENA products not only helped me with the scars my acne left, but they made my skin healthier with an amazing shine. I’ve tried the 2-in-1 cleaner and the toner and all I can say is WOW! I have a greasy skin type and when I washed my face with it, my skin felt very fresh. Afterwards I used the moisturizer to finish my daily routine and you can’t miss the shine of my skin. I love the texture of the products and, above all, the fact that these products are not tested on animals and do not contain harmful or toxic substances. Let us all love our skin and make sure our beautiful face.
Patrizia (21)

Have tested your care products with greater pleasure and find them very good. Especially the smell, I could lie down there, you immediately think of a wellness day… but the texture is also great, since I have a large-pored skin, I have never found the right cream for me, all were too greasy or too little for my skin.
Your cream absorbs immediately, it feels so pleasant and the skin is cared for all day without an exciting feeling.
The capture age for the day is wonderful but I think the avant age is enough for my skin. Great care line you have there!

I only used this product two weeks ago, and my skin never felt smoother and cleaner. I always had trouble finding the right facial products for my sensitive skin.
Madalina (27)

I have been using Fivena products for 4 weeks and I have to say that I am very satisfied with them. The creams are very productive, you really don’t need much of it. Can be distributed so beautifully and the skin is well cared for all day, great texture and pleasant smell. But above all, I find the incredibly great effect on the skin. My skin has gotten much better and small wrinkles are reduced. I look so fresh and younger, I would be told and that makes me very happy. I finally found my creams
Mariane Stoica

Since I use the products of FIVENA, my skin is firmer and I have a very good feeling on the skin, fragrance is very pleasant, all around a very good product.

Have had the privilege of tasting the products. Real top Filo!!! Eye cream, serum and of course anti Age – that’s what I need. first-rate.

I have to say I didn’t think it would be possible at my age… but the Fivena products have managed to improve my skin.

Fivena is the right care for me.
Edda (71 years)

Great product! I have been using the serum for 8 weeks and am thrilled! My skin has become smoother and plumper. The serum can be applied well, absorbs quickly. Despite sensitive skin, I contract the product excellently!

I like your product very much and above all that it is natural. With great plants, the smell is really heavenly, very appealing to the smell nerves. I like the aroma very much, just delicious! Consistency great, good for application, feels soft and velvety. Very big praise!

I have been using Fivena products for 3/4 years. Starting with a sample unit as I have very sensitive and demanding skin. After noticing pimples or skin irritations, I ordered the first products that completely convinced me. The photo shows me completely unvarnished with rosy, smoother skin. The anti-age products, purely vegan by the way, refine the skin and reduce the first wrinkles. After months, I’m still excited and the result is impressive.
Petra Schattauer

Your creams smell so great and move in so fast. I am so happy with it <3

An all-round successful product in a very valuable presentation and with a shot of good conscience when applying… Have you done well. Congratulations on this… well done

I have been using Fivena” products for half a year and am very excited for the great results on my skin: it looks soothing, refreshing, light. That makes me happy, it’s highly recommended!
Ana (62 years) from Neuburg

I’m just so happy with these great products. I ordered the eye cream as well as a sample set and my skin feels so wonderful.

Since I have been using Fivena, I have often been approached about my radiant appearance. What could be better than having a good feeling when taking care of your own skin. I trust In Fivena.
Petra R.

Dear Filo,
Your products are very well tolerated, smell gtu and can be applied very pleasantly. I also like the presentation really well. Fivena fully meets my requirements for really good toiletries and can recommend them in good conscience.
Silvia Rose

Hello Filomela,
I am very satisfied with your creams in terms of quality and presentation.
Helmuth (47 years)

Dear Filo!!! I have been using your products for 2 months. Thanks to “FIVENA” my skin feels soft and supple. Small wrinkles are gone, my complexion looks fresh and radiant. Products are very productive. After testing many different products, I am happy that I have finally found something suitable for my skin. Thank you Filo :*

😘…I have tried many products before, when I tried Fivena cosmetics, I was surprised how great these products are, they don’t stay on the skin but penetrate deep into it, my skin is very sensitive and it feels good, I am very enthusiastic and always like to buy these products.
Sonja S. (57 Jahre)

I have tried many products against my dry skin, but the cream “avant age moisturiser” is the first to really help. The product absorbs very quickly and you don’t have a totally oily skin feeling, as with so many other creams.
I would like to thank Filomela for the development of the product and above all for the very friendly customer support!
Fivena has become a MUST in my closet since the first use!
Carolin (22)

Sustainability has never been so important. Care and love for ourselves and our earth so necessary, but never as rare as today. A decision for the first step in the right direction – this is “fivena”

At first, I was still sceptical that a purely vegan organic product could be as effective as the usual perfumery cosmetics without chemicals and animal testing. My result is impressive and “Fivena” wins a new enthusiastic customer. Be there too and do not miss in time to switch to natural cosmetics for the sake of the world!

I used this cream twice a day and I found that my skin is really refreshed. I have also used them near the sensitive areas around my mouth and eyes and feel very good. My skin feels healthy and refreshed.
Liliana S. (38)

I love my Fivena skincare samples. Such a beautiful product, thanks to Filomela.
Libby (48)

I find your Fivena cosmetics line very good.
Super texture, the skin is nourished all day without any tension feeling, the skin looks young and fresh.
My favorite piece is the serum, great effect on the skin and you don’t need to use much of it to see results

I tried the first creams 1 week ago and was really excited because I have very sensitive skin. Otherwise I always used drugstore products for mature skin, but the moisture never lasted long. I can say that I am very excited. The skin radiates and is sufficiently moist (which is not only due to the weather). The skin is more beautiful. You’ve done something great for you Fivena Cosmetics. I can only recommend it. After 4 weeks I will report again if I have noticed something due to wrinkle reduction
Petra (60)

Vegan, organic, sustainability stands for FIVENA ! Start the day with such values and a sooo pleasant freshness. What a gift!
Kira Waeldele

I don’t need anything else, just Fivena.
Sonja M. (57 years)

I’ve already visited her and I like to have one there.
The eye cream is really great. I don’t have so dry skin under my eyes anymore and small lines and eye rings fight them very well. I am excited!

I have been using the Fivena Avant age for a month and I really like it. I like its texture, how it smells, how it can be spread on the skin and that it absorbs so quickly, My skin feels cared for all day and I even notice an improvement, the skin has become firmer.
Really around successful care line.

I finally have a cream for my sensitive eye area, the eye cream of Fivena, thank you.
Marianne (65 years)

The Moisturizer is my favorite product, at least in summer. Immediately absorbs and (i feel this) immediately visually smoothes the skin. The night cream also very good, no feeling of tension, in the morning still a good skin feeling. Eyes cream just as very pleasant! I like to count myself among your customers.
Ms Heinrich

THANK YOU for the great products 🙂 My skin just feels so great. Especially the eye cream is the Burner 3 Since I use it around the eyes and around the mouth :* my wrinkles are super wrinkled 🙂
Sylvia Paetsch

Hello my name is Mery Iuga I am 49 years old and I am from Romania, I have used and used feminine creams … I am very pleased with these creams first of all that there are a range of natural creams I say and they fit on my mixed skin. I started with some monkeys I received a gift, I noticed after applying my cream on the face, my skin is much lightened and after a few applications I felt my skin moisturized and at the same time lighted.So yes, are pleased with the fennel products I use and recommend them! 😘👍
Mery Iuga

Die Nacht und Augencreme war für mich sehr gut. Nach der Behandlung mit diesen Crems fühlte sich meine Haut sehr angenehm an 😍😍😍 I
Sylvia S.

have eye cream of Fivena benuzt,and have no more eye rings the cream is fantastic
Thank you Fivena
Elena W. (64 years)

I was convinced of the products from the very beginning. My skin feels well cared for. The creams have a good fragrance and a pleasant consistency. Now that I have been using fivena for about 1 year, I can say that my skin also suffers much less from redness and impurities. My skin is perfectly cared for and cared for at all times.”
Ramona W. (42 years)

From my mother I got the so-called age skin inherited, now that I am getting old myself. Dry, sometimes a little scaly and rough, as I work a lot on the fresh air. Since I regularly use Fivena capture age cream, my skin condition has changed a lot. The skin has become smoother and more even! I will remain faithful to this product, thank you❤
Gunda (65 years)

I, too, had to test Fivena’s toiletries almost a year ago. I wasn’t just thrilled with the pleasant consistency. Sparing in consumption and with a great feeling on the skin, I have continued to opt for this care. Vegan, animal-free and with absolutely high-quality ingredients from nature, for me the right decision.
Karin Gerbrand

The serum of Fivena has a very pleasant fragrance, which is very important for me. Furthermore, it can be distributed very well and used very sparingly.
Ingrid M. (55 years)

Mega cool products, I can definitely recommend. I’m really excited about my skin, really cool!
Ramona (27 years)